Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Year

I know I'm not much of a blogger any more, but I had to say something and this seems to be the best outlet. The boys and I had a very fun Thanksgiving in California complete with Stanford football, shopping, and eating way too much. We got back Sunday and got to decorate our tree on Monday.

It's not much, but a good 2/3 of our ornaments were purchased this week. I was pretty floored when I first put up all the decorations and realized how little we had. There was no star, and a bunch of these ornaments I made last year with some felt, yarn, and styrofoam balls I happened to have on hand.
Suddenly I remembered what my life was like a year ago. The only reason we even had a tree (or any presents under it last year) was because a lady at church realized that we had none. I had to make ornaments because we couldn't afford any. I was constantly sick and depressed and completely hopeless. I kept telling myself that things would get better, not because I really believed it but because I had to say it to have a reason to keep on going. But I never imagined they would get this much better this quickly. 

I'm not going to say that my life right now is all that glamorous - we live in a two bedroom basement apartment and my car is going to die on me any day. But we have ornaments and a few presents. And I get to be home with my kids a lot more. And we are healthy and happy. I guess I'm telling you all this for two reasons. First, because I want you to know that things really do get better. They really, really do. God is watching over us. And secondly, because I want to thank my friends and family from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and prayers on my behalf. I know that we are all busy, and you might not feel like the small things you do really matter, but they do. Our little family has felt your love in so many different ways. We are so thankful and we love you all so much.

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  1. We love you Adri! I still feel so bad for not ever realizing how hard things were for you. So glad things are getting better. And I love seeing you every couple of days--even if it is business related, haha. :) Hooray for the holidays!