Friday, November 9, 2012

Hello, Strangers


I never really feel like blogging (including right now).

I moved to Lindon last month, and I like it.

I work part-time as a bookkeeper, and the rest of my time sewing.

I am looking for some sewing help, if anyone is interested.

If you'd like to keep up with me, you'd have better luck here.

If you want to keep up with my shop, you'll have better luck here.

I did this last week:

I will be here next weekend:

This girl lives with me for the next few months, and I love it.

I am 29 now. :) I had an awesome birthday month - cakes, concerts Gigi's mission call to Argentina, family members flying in to see me, sushi, friends, shopping, farmers markets, and sewing.

I am med-free and feeling the best I've felt in almost 3 years. My crazy pills were making me crazy. And now I'm just regular crazy and feeling awesome. :)

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  1. Ummm I have major hair envy. You look gorgeous Adri! Happy you are off your meds and things are going smoothly. You and your boys looked darling in your costumes.